Do you take Insurance?

No we do not however, we do take all major credit cards and cash.

What is Low T?

Testosterone deficiency syndrome — or Low T— is a medical condition caused by insufficient levels of the male hormone, testosterone. Symptoms of Low T include fatigue, decreased libido and sexual dysfunction, depressive mood and/or lack of motivation, dysphoria and difficulty building lean muscle mass. The diagnosis of TDS is made by a positive history of Low T symptoms combined with inadequate levels of the hormone in blood samples.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Increased energy, enhanced libido, decreased fat & increased lean muscle mass, higher quality of sleep & focus, improved mood, improved recovery time.  

What is included in TRT?

Each weekly injection includes Testosterone, hCG (to protect testicular function and prevent shrinkage), and Vitamin B12 for increased energy.  We also offer Nandrolone Decanoate (commonly referred to as “Deca”) to patients who meet the medical criteria for this treatment.

How do I begin treatment?

With your health and safety as our top priority, blood work prior to treatment is required.  Underground Strength offers blood work at cost to all patients!  Your candidacy for treatment will be determined once your medical history and blood-work results have been reviewed by our Nurse Practitioner.  Once you begin therapy, weekly injections are given in our clinic – no appointments are necessary!