Vitamin injections are a quick, convenient, and easy way to improve your overall health and wellness. Because injections bypass the gastrointestinal system, your body can quickly and easily absorb all the injected vitamins. We offer vitamin B12 shots, immune system boosts, and much more!

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Vitamin Injections?

Whether your goal is to improve your digestive health, lose weight, improve your athletic performance, or simply get sick less often, vitamin injections can help. Experience the following benefits with our vitamin injections in Georgia.

    • Combat fatigue.
    • Boost metabolism and burn fat for faster weight loss.
    • Boost your immune system.
    • Boost athletic performance & improve workout recovery.
    • Treat vitamin deficiencies and enhance overall health

And more!

Choose from and combine any of the following injections:

1. Vitamin B12 – Boosts energy & fights fatigue, improves metabolism, improves mood and concentration, helps improve sleeping patterns & circadian rhythm.

2. Lipo B12 – Also known as MIC B12, this is a fat burning, liver supporting, energy producing injection that can be used to facilitate weight loss or for general health.

3. Lipo PLUS – OUR MOST POPULAR INJECTION! Our B12 Lipo Shot PLUS the added benefit of B-Complex, Vitamin C, and L-Carnitine!

    • B complex – boost cell health and energy, improve mood and brain function
    • Vitamin C – Boost immunity, aids in weight loss
    • L-carnitine – boost weight loss, athletic performance, and muscle recovery

4. Carnitine Shot – A high dose carnitine injection that turns your body’s fat into energy. An excellent add-on to any shot for boosting energy, fat-burning, and weight loss. Also great for boosting athletic performance!

5. Vitamin D3 – Great for overall health & wellness. Multiple benefits, including: immune function support, promoting healthy bones & teeth, brain and nervous system health, regulating insulin levels, supporting lung & cardiovascular health. May also boost testosterone levels in men and improve erectile dysfunction

6. Beauty Boost Shot – Our Biotin injection works to improve the overall quality of your skin, hair and nails! A great add-on to any injection. Add glutathione for the ultimate anti-aging treatment! Can also be added to most IV hydration treatments.

7. Tri-Immune Boost – a triple defense immunity formula that consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral to ensure your immune system is working optimally! The tri-immune boost combines the powerful effects of Zinc, Vitamin C and glutathione. Add Vitamin D3 for the ultimate immune system enhancement!

8. Athlete Shot – Improve lean body mass and athletic performance! Our Athlete Shot combines the power of our Tri-Amino Mix with BCAA’s and high-dose L-Carnitine. Promotes protein synthesis, improves the body’s natural release of growth hormone, boosts production of nitric oxide, improves blood flow, and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles during and after exercise – great for pre- and post-workout!

9. Nausea Knockout – Fighting a stomach bug? Hungover? Zofran, an anti-nausea injection, will quickly ease your queasy stomach. Can also be added to most IV Hydration treatments.

10. The Pain Killer – Toradol, a powerful anti-inflammatory injection for mild to moderate pain. Can also be added to an IV hydration treatment. Contraindicated in patients with kidney disease or history of peptic ulcers. Can also be added to most IV hydration treatments.

Package pricing available. Contact us today for more information!

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